I'm a web developer

Soy un desarrollador de web

I enjoy making simple solutions to complex problems.
I most often do that using code; although I have been known to create a "life hack" or two.

Website Development

Websites are an important tool for any business or organization. That's why the sites I build are responsive and lightweight.  Most frequently, I deliver on this promise by building custom themes and plugins in the WordPress ecosystem.

App Development

When it comes to web app development, my specialties are  React.js and  Node  but I'm always learning and playing with other stacks. I can also build your next app in  Python / DjangoRails or  Vue.js.

Accessibility Advocate

I think the web is meant for everyone. I'm an evangelist of semantic, secure and performant code.  Together let's make the web usable and safe!

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I like to travel

Me gusta viajar

I love whenever I get to see the world, learn about other cultures or just experience more of God's creation. I also have a lot of fun where I am right now; living in Harrisonburg VA. I grew up in Virginia but am Puerto Rican, so really love practicing my Spanish whenever possible. I also love rock climbing, boxing, running, woodworking, comics and movies. I'm not an expert at any of these things, but you gotta have hobbies, right?.

I never need to travel alone

Nunca necesito viajar solo

I'm married to a beautiful woman. She's my best friend, goofy as ever and an amazing nurse.  She's way cooler than me and it's safe to say she's way smarter too.  We have two hellion cats 'Fritz' and 'StanLee' and are foster parents to a beautiful little girl (and more kids to come).  We also get to serve in an amazing community at  Aletheia Church